About Jonathan Wood

Addicted to Building.

My father never hired a plumber or carpenter. We did everything ourselves and I was the one handing him the tools when he needed them and paying attention when he told me “this is how it’s done”. As I got older, I spent at least a little time working in almost every aspect of residential construction. From a summer job framing to tiling bathrooms and finish carpentry.

As a trained artist (Penland School of Craft, Rhode Island School of Design), I bring an artistic eye and attention to detail to every project. Whether it be painting a clean line, ensuring trim fits ‘just right’, or adding interesting, whimsical details to a project – I enjoy building with quality craftsmanship and producing beautiful work.

My closest friends are Ashley (the taller girl), our daughter Madison (the shorter girl), and our dog Lola. In my free time, I’m building out an amazing sound system for the JWC truck: ask me to see it when we stop by to remodel your home!

What our customers say

We’re awesome and our clients know it.

“Just when you thought all the good guys were gone, Jonathan shows up and proves us wrong. Reliable, professional, and honest these are the qualities you need in a contractor. Jonathan and his team are all of these things and more.”
Patricia W. | Yelp Review

“Quality work at a fair price. Jonathan is extremely easy to work with and really knows his stuff. He was responsive to all the questions I had and was very open about prices of products. I will definitely use Jonathan for any projects going forward and highly recommend.”
Jesse M. | Yelp Review

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